New Puppy Guide

Getting a puppy or a new dog for the first time can be a little daunting. So we’ve done the research for you and curated the best tips from around the web into one handy new puppy guide.

The Furbubba Puppy Guide is a 4-part series that will help you and your new furry friend get off to a great start together.

Covering everything to help you get ready – including puppy proofing your house and setting ground rules. Through to hints and tips on the essential items you need to buy. Guidance on how to bring him home safely and lastly what to expect during your first few weeks together.

This handy guide is easy to navigate with checklists, how-to’s and loads of great tips from fellow puppy owners.

What to do before bringing a puppy home

Part 1: Getting Ready

All the things you need to do before you bring your new puppy home. How to get your house ready and your family aligned.

Bulldog Puppy

Part 2: The Checklist

The 14 essential items you need to buy for your new puppy before you bring him home. From feeding to sleeping, and from safety to cleaning.

Part 3: Homecoming

How to bring your new puppy home safely. Key things to help make the journey home the best it can be, including car travel.

Part 4: Settling in Quickly

What to expect in the first few weeks as your new puppy settles into his new environment and you get to know each other.

We are always looking for more tips, so don’t forget to share your experience and tell us what works for you.

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