Why a Felt Cat Cave Can Provide the Perfect Sense of Security for Your Furbubba

Pet calming beds and cat caves have been around for years. With an endless variety and some owners swearing by them, but before you invest in a cat cave for your pet, let’s start at the start and understand what a cat cave is and what it is good for.

What is a cat cave?

A cat cave is a hollow dome shaped cat house. We all know that cats love to play inside boxes, bags, drawers and even buckets. Cats like cat caves because they feel like they are hiding inside a safe space and can still see out into the world.

These are different to pet calming beds which are often donut shaped beds that a cat sleeps on top of. The great thing about a felt cat cave is that it can be used two-ways, firstly as domed cave but also it can be used as an open-top calming bed. 

Furbubba Felt Cat Cave folded flat for summer with ginger cat sitting on top

Cat caves are great for calming anxious cats

There are many reasons why a cat suffers from anxiety. Stress from a house move, new people in the house, even a new neighbour with other animals. In particular, newly adopted cats or new kittens can feel very nervous about their new environment. Pet MD recommends a number of helpful ways to calm your cat, one of which is to “provide a safe, cosy environment.”

A cat cave is a comfortable pet bed that can help anxious cats feel secure throughout the day and night. It can be a place to both play and sleep.

And aren't just for cats!

Kitty compatriots can appreciate cat caves as well. There are specific pet caves for small dogs, and many smaller dogs love playing inside cat caves even though they may not be meant for them! This flexibility increases the popularity of felt cat caves even further.  

Should you invest in a cat cave for your pet? Read on to learn more from Furbubba on how our felt cat caves can help your pet feel secure and comfortable.

Help you and your pet sleep better

As humans, we are social beings who enjoy kinship. We can also extend this human trait to our pets; we need companionship and often can’t resist the urge to cuddle our fur-babies constantly. Unfortunately, the love between humans and pets can turn sour, and sharing a bed with a pet sometimes means long nights without sleep due to intrusive pet behaviour. This can go both ways. Cats in particular are skittish by nature and very sensitive to movement and sound.

Suppose you compare the body mass of a typical human and their small pet. It’s easy to see how accidental rollovers and movement during sleep can disturb sleeping pets and may lead to unintended injuries (either for you because of a pet’s claws or injury to your pet if you trap their leg under your body for hours at a time).

Although sleeping together with a pet may sound innocent and loving, pets and their parents may suffer from sleep deprivation and further health complications over time. Sleep deprivation can impact the mental health of you and your pet. Does this situation sound like you? 


Justine's story - transitioning to a cat cave

One of our Furbubba customers, Justine from QLD Australia shared a story with us of transitioning their cat Oscar out of sleeping in their pre-teen son’s bed. They could see that Oscar was waking their son up at night and as a family they all agreed that it was time to try a different sleeping arrangement.

Justine started by placing a cat cave on a set of drawers next to her son’s bed. “It was good, because they could both still see each other and my son would just put Oscar back in the cave, anytime he came onto his bed. They quickly got used to having their own space and we started moving the cave to other areas in the house during the day, so that Oscar would get used to sleeping in the one bed. 

Our next step was to move Oscar into the laundry. We put his cat cave on top of the washing machine and put him to bed with some belly rubs. The first night we felt a bit cruel but we could see that our son was sleeping so much better. Now when we go into the laundry in the morning, Oscar happily rolls over in his cave wanting belly rubs before he gets up!”

Justine’s top tip “if you are putting it up on a table or dresser, just make sure there is enough space next to the cave, so they can jump up onto the table then climb into the cave – otherwise it might slide off!”
Furbubba Customer, QLD Australia

What may have started by supporting an anxious child or an anxious pet, could actually be creating problems, so maybe you can help your pet sleep better with a comfortable cat cave. Something soft that can create a dark, secure environment for your pet. 

Let your cat embrace their 'me' time

Everyone loves their personal time and cats (not just anxious cats) are no exception. Cats love their personal space, even though they may often get less than they deserve. Most cats are mysterious figures with unpredictable personalities. Whether your cat acts as a loner or loves spending time with its family, it’ll still need some alone time.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t assume that your cat’s personal time means they want to be alone all the time. Cats can feel lonely and unappreciated just like humans do. Felt cat caves can serve as a safe haven where they feel comfortable and secure, providing them with a favourite resting spot whilst still being able to peek out and see what the rest of the family are doing.

Every cat deserves a spot to relax and retreat. When your furry friend has a great spot they can call their personal home, this is the ideal locale to experience comfort and security.


Do cats like cat caves?

Yes, cat’s love to hide inside and relish the fact that no-one can see them. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our Furbubba customers had to say…

Durable, still looks good

"My cats love to knead and scratch it. The best thing about the felt is that I can trim off any furry bits with scissors, give it a vacuum and it's as good as new

Siam, NSW Australia
Furbubba Cat Cave 5 Star Review - black cat hiding inside

Loved it straight away

"I wasn't sure if Sooty would like it, but as soon as I put it down, he jumped inside. It's now his favourite place to chill and get some peace and quiet away from the kids!"

Kristin, NSW Australia

Find the perfect retreat for your pet

Furbubba proudly provides premium cat caves, handmade with quality and love through fairtrade artisans based in Nepal. These felt cat caves provide the perfect, safe and secure resting place all year round – from warm snuggling in winter, to avoiding heat buildup during the hotter seasons.

As pet parents ourselves, we realised that cheap cushiony beds, were not able to withstand the kneading of our cat’s claws. Both cats and pups enjoy playing in pet caves, and sometimes their hunting instincts may kick in and turn on their bed. It simply isn’t worth repeat buying cheap fabric beds, if your pet quickly destroys it every time.

Find out more about Furbubba Cat Caves and our great bundled deals here.

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