Our Story

We’re an Australian family with two human kids and two furry kids!

We are on a mission to create products that are best for pet, best for parent and best for planet.

On our journey, we realised there is a lot of support for human parenting but not as much support available for pet parenting. So we are curating some great content and connecting you with like-minded fur-parents so you can share your insights and advice.

But that’s not all. let’s face it, the best thing about dogs and cats is that they bring a whole lot of joy into the world. Who can resist a cute furry puppy or a LOL cat? So we wanted to create a place where we could have some fun and share amazing stories.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you join us in celebrating the fabulous furriness of dogs and cats.

Here are our cute furbubba’s – Sir Douglas Jaffa a brown & white border collie and Lord Ronald Jaffa 2nd a ginger domestic cat. Better known as Doug & Ronny! 

You can follow the Jaffa Brothers on Instagram @sirdouglasjaffa.ronny

Dog Cat Kissing

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Email us at: enquiries@furbubba.com

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