The Best Beds for Cats to be Comfortable: How to Pick the Perfect Cat Bed for Your Furbubba

Dogs, cats, and other small pets enjoy a cozy, comfortable, soft bed just like us. When looking for the best cat bed, you’ll want to find something warm and secure, designed for varied needs, habits, and preferences. We can help. From calming cat beds to caves where cats can rest and relax, the right ped bed can be a stylish, practical addition to your home. Here are some tips from our Furbubba team to choose the best bed for your cat.

Size up your cat

As you look for a cat bed, you’ll quickly discover that size matters. Start by measuring the size of your furry friend. The length of the bed should be at least the length of their nose to rump. The width of the bed should align with at least the width of their whiskers. A cat’s whiskers are roughly the width of their body and they use their whiskers to measure space. This is particularly important if you are buying an encolsed cat bed like a cat cave, as you will want to make sure that the opening is wide enough that they can comfortably fit their booty into the space!  Lastly consider selecting a bed that has enough room for them to circle around before settling in. This is an instincitve behaviour to ensure they have the right sized space and they aren’t going to fall.

Cat Bed Size Chart - How to measure your cat

Keep in mind that most cats feel secure in smaller spaces. However, they also need some room to move and change positions. Size your cat and get a cat bed that lets them curl up comfortably, in a cozy environment. And remember kittens will grow, so consider if your bed will last as they reach full size.

If choosing a cat bed that is a hammock style bed, or cat window bed you have to consider the weight of your cat as well. Many of these beds are only designed for kittens.


Furbubba Cat Bed - ginger cat lying in bed with dog giving kisses

The great thing about Furbubba Cat Caves is they can work two-ways, as both an enclosed dome (perfect for winter) and flattened in half as a comforting hammock style nest bed (perfect for summer with no need to worry about the weight of your cat)!

Here’s our cat Ronnie enjoying his Furbubba Cat Bed and getting kisses from his brother Doug.

Choosing the right materials and style of cat bed

Choosing the right style and materials for a new cat bed significantly affects how happy your cats feel about their relaxation area and your cat bed’s longevity.

Cats generally don’t like to feel as though they’re sinking. They like to knead fabrics and cushioning as a form of self-soothing and to check that it will be comfortable (did you know that kneading is an instinctive behaviour that starts when kittens are stimulating their mother’s milk production?!). Whilst we might joke that our cat would make a good baker as they would be great a kneading dough, we do have to recognise that ideal cat bed needs to be firm enough that it can hold when it is kneaded. And that the materials and fabrics will not rip as your cat uses their claws to practice their dough-making skills.

We recommend natural wool for cat beds as it is an eco-friendly, biodegradable and renewable material. Knitted beds don’t stand up well to cat claws, however felted wool is an excellent, durable choice. 

When properly constructed felt wool can withstand some of the roughest play without losing it’s shape and structure. Plus it is easy to vacuum or brush clean and frayed edges can easily be snipped off with scissors, without losing the integrity of the fabric.

Faux fur is another kitty favourite for cat beds. We recommend checking the quality of the fabric to ensure it is tightly woven and doesn’t shed. Many of the cheap donut beds on the market don’t last because cat claws will leave it looking old within weeks. Also, watch out for synthetic materials and toxic dyes. Not only is it bad for the environment, some pets can have allergic reactions.


Crazy rainbow cat bed
Crazy rainbow cat cave
Handmade knitted cat bed by Jewish Mom Handmade
Handmade knitted cat bed by Jewish Mom Handmade

There are many types of cat beds on the market, but to support the environment, go beyond colourful gimicks and pick a bed that has a comfortable material for snuggling and relaxation, plus is durable and eco-friendly whilst still being stylish in your home.

The ideal cat bed for your furbubba

Most cat parents understand their cat loves to sleep, but how many people understand what kind of cat bed they prefer for their afternoon nap? With various options available in the pet bedding market today, you want to balance style, comfort and durability to find the perfect nest for your cat.

At Furbubba we work hard to provide you with a durable, sustainable, and safe solution for our cat beds. We utilise only the highest quality materials in construction to offer your cat a secure and comfortable space to lay their head and relax. Check out our bundled offers today!

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