Watch this dog playing Jenga

Secret is one super smart Australian Shepherd and her fur-parent Mary is a brilliant trainer because she has taught her dog how to play Jenga.

Watch the patience and precision that Secret displays whilst playing Jenga. She methodically removes block after block!

This video is so amazing it has been shown all around the world!
We just love how special their relationship is!

A pooch with no limits

Secret is not just a dog that can play Jenga. She can do yoga, paint and even help out with household chores like vacuuming. She has learnt how to play ping pong, ride a scooter and even jump rope.

This St Patrick’s day dance is one of our absolute favourites…

What’s Mary’s training secret?

Mary is an advocate of +R and Clicker training.

  • +R stands for positive reinforcement or reward-based training where rewards such as attention or food treats are used to reinforce the desired behaviour
  • Clicker training is another training methodology where the sound of a small device clicking helps condition the behaviour without the need for words or food rewards

We know there is a lot of debate in the world of dog training about the benefits of different methodologies. Whatever your favourite training techniques and beliefs, you can’t deny the amazing results that Mary is achieving and the special relationship she has with Secret.

Has your pup got any secret talents? Share your stories with us!

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